Grooming Information

At Acre Farm we provide a full range of grooming options to suit any pet. From a simple brushing to a full makeover, we will pamper your pet.

We have four basic grooming options to choose from:

  • Brushing Only
  • Bath and Brush
  • Bath Brush and Trim
  • Full Makeover

Each of the options can be customised to you and your pets needs to ensure you get the best for your pet

Certain breeds of dogs can be handstripped, particularly wire haired breeds such as the Border Terrier. This involves removing the dead top coat and helps to stop your dog leaving hair everywhere. As we only remove the dead hair, handstripping does not cause your dog any pain and leaves them looking amazing.

Puppy Starter Course
As with all things it is best to get your puppy accustomed to being groomed at an early age so they look forward to it instead of turning it into a battle when they are bigger. This course is tailored to your puppy’s needs and begins with your new friend getting accustomed to being brushed and his paws handled in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We can then progress to bathing and trimming nails etc. This builds trust and confidence in a puppy so they are better behaved whilst being brushed at home.

Cat Grooming
We specialise in grooming long or short haired cats, meaning your feline friends can be pampered too. Long Haired breeds benefit from regular grooming to keep their coat in good condition while some older cats may start to struggle to maintain their coats without any help. By grooming them it helps them to stay more comfortable and can avoid trips to the vet to have matts clipped out under anesthetic.

Other Small Animal Grooming
Please contact us for more details regarding grooming services for other small animals, such as Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.