Grooming Price List

Grooming Prices
Small Dog (Yorkie, Westie, etc)£30.00
Medium Dog (Spaniels, Collies)£35.00
Large Dog ( Shepherds etc.)from £40.00
Hand Stripping£35.00
DemattingFrom £25.00
Nail Clipping£5.00
Puppy Training£20.00 per session
Cat GroomingFrom £30.00
Collection & DeliveryFrom £5.00

NOTE: The above prices should be used as a guide only. As each pet is different and owners requirements vary. Our price will be adjusted to meet the customers requirements once the pet being groomed has been assessed.

Prices are for a coat in good condition. Heavily matted coats will cost more. Difficult animals may incur a surcharge.

Acre Farm Grooming reserves the right to refuse to groom any pet.

All care is taken to ensure the health and well being of your pet. Acre Farm is not liable for any pre-existing conditions which may surface during grooming.

It is our policy to clip matt’s out of a animals coat. The owner should be aware that irritation may occur in some animals due to the clipping process.

It is the owners responsibility to inform the groomer if the animal has any aggressive tendencies. The owner is liable for any injuries caused to the groomer by an aggressive animal.


Cancellation Policy
Missed appointments will be charged a fee of £10. Cancellations given with less than 24 hours notice will also incur this charge. If 24 hours notice is given of a cancellation there will be no charge as we will be able to fill the appointment.