Pet Hotel Information

Here at Acre Farm we also run a small animals Pet Hotel.
We can cater for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs in our safe and comfortable Bunny Igloos. These comprise of a sleeping compartment, which will be bedded with hay and wood shavings to keep your pet warm and cosy, and a spacious run where your small pet can run, bounce and play, or just soak up the sun.
Some toys will be provided in the run to keep your pet occupied but if he or she has a favourite toy please bring it along.
All our small animals will be fed daily on a suitable mixed feed and fresh vegetables, if your pet has a preference of vegetable just ask and we will endeavour to provide it.
Please remember to book early as, at present, spaces are limited.
We can also cater for other small animals such as Hamsters, pet Rats, Tortoises as well as small caged birds. Please contact us for details.